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We are a group of ambitious and driven individuals actively building on the principals David Neathery exemplified since founding the company in 1981. Individually, we bring a vast array of experiences, talents, and personalities to the table. Collectively, we share a passion for making a difference in the lives of our customers and delight in saving cities money in wastewater treatment costs. At the end of the day, we are a family working and playing together, and grateful to have the opportunity to positively affect our industry and world.



In addition to overseeing order processing and managing finances, Alex is the integrator and orchestrator of all moving parts at Rainstopper. Having completed more than a dozen marathons, Alex brings commitment, perseverance, and her relentless pursuit of excellence to the daily operation of the company. She keeps the Rainstopper team on track, cohesive, and moving forward with her gregarious disposition and attention to detail.


jordan ELLIS - sales

As Director of Sales, Jordan utilizes the team building skills and values he employed as a fullback at the University of Wyoming in helping customers identify the root of their problem, technically assisting them in determining a solution, and providing support until the problem is solved. He diligently works to build his technical knowledge and collaborates with the Business Development department to identify new areas of service, while concurrently on-boarding members of the Rainstopper sales and installer teams.


harry hermes - manufacturing

Harry manages our manufacturing facility, trains assemblers, oversees shipments, QA/QC, and heads up the product development sector. As Director of Manufacturing, he is a visionary, ever curious, and always seeking opportunities to solve problems for our customers through improving technology for the wastewater industry, as well as ensuring our orders are shipped on or before deadlines.


dorcas neathery - Business Development/Marketing

Dorcas brings 26 years of experience and technical knowledge of manhole rehabilitation to Rainstopper. Following in her father’s footsteps, Dorcas is a 2nd generation manhole rehabilitation expert, and is honored to have the opportunity to build upon his legacy alongside Rainstopper’s 3rd generation, her children. As Director of Marketing, Dorcas is responsible for ensuring the benefits of Rainstopper’s products are visible through presentations, trade shows, media, and case studies. She is passionate about fostering relationships and bringing best practice solutions to engineering design/build projects, cities, and municipalities with a desire to remediate I & I in their wastewater systems.

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