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The Rainstopper LLC story begins with our founder and patriarch David Neathery. 


David forged a love for people, a talent for creative problem-solving, and a commitment to service into a 60-year career in the water and sewer industry where he remains a beloved figure. A trusted business associate to scores of industry leaders, a cherished mentor to a fortunate few, and a loving friend to all who met him along his journey, we are committed to carrying David’s philosophy into the future.  

1958 - Dallas, TX - David began working for Bowles & Edens, a water and sewer supply company as a salesman, a position his high school counselor said he was least likely to succeed in.

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1965 - Bossier City, LA - David quite successful selling new line of packing and seals for pumps for Bowles & Edens Supply Company.

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1967 - Shreveport, LA - David strikes out on his own and establishes a new venture, Mechanical Seals and Packing in the garage of his family residence.

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1969 - Lufkin, TX - David forms a new company East Texas Service with Dan Shull. ETS sells PVC pipe and fittings to water and sewer contractors and cities.

1969 - Shreveport, LA - Never one to sit still for long, David forms another new company Southwestern Packing and Seals, the predecessor to the present day Rainstopper, LLC.

1972 - Completed construction of the distribution facility for Southwestern Packing and Seals, which will become the manufacturing facility for Rainstopper LLC.

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1974 – Southwestern Packing & Seals celebrates its first Million Dollar Month!


1981 – Patented and manufactured the first HDPE Rainstoppers.

1985 – Sold East Texas Service to concentrate on Southwestern Packing and Seals.

1986 – Began manufacturing SS Rainstoppers.

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1994 – Dorcas Neathery forms WBE Dorcas, Inc., a successful distributor for Rainstopper.

2005 – WBE Dorcas, Inc. and Southwestern Packing & Seals introduce manhole rehabilitation products to the industry in order to offer customers solutions for both inflow AND infiltration.

2016 – Alexandra Ellis joins the Southwestern Packing and Seals team and learns the business from the bottom up from David Neathery. 

2017 – Jordan Ellis and Harry Hermes join the Southwestern Packing and Seals team, mentored by David Neathery. 

2018 – Dorcas Neathery joins Southwestern Packing and Seals after David's passing on April 22, 2018.

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2019 – Southwestern Packing & Seals dba Rainstopper becomes Rainstopper. David Neathery's legacy and commitment to solving I & I challenges through a philosophy based on simplicity, value, and relationships continues to grow with fresh energy from the next generation.

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