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manhole odor control

destroys h2s



OdorKnocker™ RX Manhole Odor Control Insert is the most efficient method of destroying H2S.



  • No welds or patches

  • 18 Gauge wall thickness

  • The tub is stainless steel spun and pressed to size from one sheet

  • Traffic vibrations will not cause our units to break and fall into the manhole

  • Diffuser plate prevents gas from channeling

  • Screen is H2S proof and prevents loss of media through bottom air vents

  • Top screen prevents mud & debris from entering media

  • Side lifting handles/straps are 1” wide nylon web material

  • Odor control Media is non-hazardous and EPA and OSHA approved



  • No more H2S smell

  • Quickly installed

  • Easy to move to different problem areas

  • Our Model RX doesn’t need daily or weekly maintenance

  • No chemical additions, or electrical use

  • Reduces overall maintenance costs


Model RX Components

  • TUB is a 304 Stainless Steel sheet hydraulically pressed into shape and not welded or patched

  • SCREEN is made of Woven Polyester Mesh coated with vinyl; a proven combination.

  • DEFECTOR PLATE is made of High Density Ethylene Hexene-1 Copolymer.

  • LIFTING HANDLES are 1” wide Nylon Webbing attached with a #6 SS Rivet

  • ODORKNOCKER™ MEDIA is an Organic Iron Base Compound blended with wood chips and shavings.

how it works

The Model RX is placed on a properly cleaned manhole ring and the gasket on the bottom of the outer lip of the tub to create an air tight seal. This placement directs air flow upward through the vent holes and into the media.

The deflector plate distributes the air flow properly throughout the media. It also prevents a channeling of the flow straight upward from the vent holes.

A chemical action occurs while the air is in containment in the media. During this time the media binds with and coverts the H2S to iron pyrite or fool’s gold. The resulting material is non-hazardous and easily disposed of. The media is not only made from recycled materials, but can be recycled a second time as a soil amendment to add iron and sulfur into the soil. It’s also EPA and OSHA approved. 

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